Friday, May 28, 2010

Ugh!!! Here I Go - AGAIN!!!

So here I go again!! I am about to embark on yet another weight loss journey. My buddy Becky Jo (who has done a wonderful job - losing 32 lbs.!!!!) has decided to declare a new beginning and asked if any of her buddies wanted to join her. So I said commented that I wanted in. I do not know why in the world I do that to myself!!! I LOVE to eat!! I do! I have lost weight in the past and I have felt great. But then I get lazy and gain it back. So now I am accountable. Ugh!!!

Ok so we are going to weigh in every Friday - which will be hard on me because I weigh every day. I'll be posting my updates every Friday here, like any of you will be interested. lol

Some activity - at least 5 - yes!! FIVE days a week (I'm going to DIE!!!). I was taking Zumba classes but with the hubs out of work and me on part time now $10-$15 a week seems high. When you think about it that's $40-$60 a month. But they do have some great Zumba DVD's I can get. But before I do that I am going to use my dusty old treadmill, stationary bike and FINALLY start my 30 Day Shred DVD that I have had since last summer. So I think I'll have plenty of activity - just have to get up and do it!!!

Water - I already drink 8 oz. a day. So I have heard you need to drink more than that so I will go for 10 starting off. I can not drink water alone, like Becky Jo, I need that little bit of flavor.

Food let's see - I have the health nazi (my daughter) living with me now so I am a little afraid to ask her to hold me accountable. We had a little tiff last night because she made spaghetti. Well she didn't drain the pasta. So when I went to get some (with our spaghetti strainer spoon thingy) I asked her why she didn't drain it. She said because it would stick together. So I told her after you drain it you put butter in it and it won't stick. So there I go, I asked for it - a long explanation about how bad that was for me. Do you know how unhealthy all that butter is? Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah! I LOVE MY BUTTER!!!

I am going to have to go back to my spray butter that I use to use while I was on Weight Watchers, it is really good. But I am going to miss my Country Crock!!! I think I am going to do a combination of Weight Watchers but with food from the Rice Diet. I have been very successful on both diets and like different things about both of them. I even have a good Mexican salad recipe that I really liked using their guildelines. Oh and homemade salsa!!

Why is eating healthy and exercising so difficult? I mean that is all you have to do to lose weight - diet and exercise. I KNOW this. It's the doing it that is the problem. But I need this. I need to get healthier and to feel better. Even ten lbs ago I was feeling more energetic. It is really a discipline problem with me even affecting my spiritual life. Although I am still praying every day they are the rushed prayers, the oh I almost forgot let me go ahead and do it real fast prayers. My quiet time has went completely out the window. Like letting yourself go physically you begin to feel the difference when you let yourself go spiritually! I so need the spiritual food!!! Does that make sense?

I need to sign off now. Have to finish up some stuff here at work and then I'm off. Yay! lol

Have a blessed day!



Summer said...

I may be a health Nazi now, but you'll be grateful when you're around to see your grandchildren grow up! I'm trying to get back on my weight loss too. I gained back 5 lbs so now I've got 7lbs to go! Well, thank God for "Lose It!" Or I couldn't do it at all!

beckyjomama said...

SOOOOO excited to see where this leads us! You are gonna do great! Let's do this thing!

Anonymous said...

You'll do great. Good luck!

Tired Mom Tésa said...

Good luck with your new goals. They might sound challenging but I'll bet you find them reasonable after sticking to it for a couple of weeks and seeing results. I've been doing workout DVDs at home lately too. At least by doing them in the morning I don't feel guilty if I can't get in any other exercise for the day. I would love to hear how you like the 30 Day Shred. I've been wanting to try it.

Mighty M said...

It's difficult because it's hard, it's hard to eat a little more strictly and it's hard to exercise. But once it becomes a habit, it really does seem like part of your life. And you may never "love" exercise, but you can learn to like it and what it does for you!

Good luck - I know you can do it!! :)

ethelmaepotter! said...

I'm starting my diet (again!) tomorrow...or today, actually, since it is now officially tomorrow.

But I went out with a bang. My daughter made yummy homemade fudgey truffles and I devoured 4 tonight!!!!

Good luck to us both!

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Nya's mom said...

I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey!! Remember, the hardest part is the beginning! Soon, things will fall into place and become second nature.

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jennifer said...

I need to do the SAME thing. My weight is ten pounds above where it was when I started Weight Watchers last time. Why do I keep doing this?

I wish you COMPLETE SUCCESS. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.