Friday, June 04, 2010

Weigh In & Other Stuff

Today I didn't think I was ever going to get online! It was another early morning-all day appointment at Kirklin Clinic/UAB. I really don't mind going there but by now I know that I have to bring a book with me. I can't even make phone calls unless I go to a crosswalk or outside. But if I do that I may miss my name being called so no internet til now! When I am doing a bible study this is always a great time for me to do it. I would've loved to had started my new devotional reading book today but I didn't get to buy it until after I had left the hospital.

So after I left the hospital I went straight to Family Christian - where I spent way too much money as usual! A couple of things for my grand babies another new book mark and then my new devotional. I really wanted one that I could journal in too. But the one I got is called Streams in the Desert. I really like it. Looking forward to reading it during my quiet time in the morning. What devotional do you use?

Ok now it's time for check in on the diet. Did well with my water - not great at exercise but am planning on getting more this week. Got my treadmill out, or rather my daughter did, so I'll be back on it starting tomorrow. The hardest thing for me this week actually was not weighing every day. I usually get up go to the rest room then weigh. But now I am only doing it once a week. So how did the weigh in go well minus 1 pound. lol No I am not discouraged it didn't come on in one week and it's not going to come off in one week. lol But I am feeling good about it and going to do better on my meals next week.

Now before I go I want to show you something that my daughter told me she wanted ten of at Christmas time.


lol It's called The Cleavage Caddy! I had never ever seen anything like it. It's made by Mazantri Creations. What will they think of next???

Ok so now that I am finally home I have some paper work I have to go through and shred. I mean a lot maybe three bags full, big bags. Yeah I hoard at times. lol Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Have a blessed day!


Katie Lane said...

Every pound counts, good for you! The Cleavage Caddy is hilarious!!!

Mighty M said...

The cleavage caddy is cracking me up! I think we all need one of those!! :)

Janiece said...