Monday, October 18, 2010

Boring Monday

Monday is the boringness day of the week. Other than bible study there is nothing that I do. Tuesday – Sunday are usually busy and fun. But Monday’s while others resent it because they have to go back to work I resent it cause it’s just boring.

Saturday was my oldest grandsons birthday - Ray turned 3. We had a private skating party for him on Sunday. It was fun to see everyone and to watch the kids skating. I know it’s ugly but it was so funny watching them fall. lol I will be posting pics in the next few days of his party. I made his cakes so I want to show y’all those too.

On another note my house is a mess - my entire house. I need to clean but when I feel like doing it I am busy and having to leave to run errands. Then I get home and I am tired and lazy so I put it off. But really now this week I am going to have to really get off my butt and do it. The kitchen is the only room in this house that is clean. I don’t really like to clean to start with. So tomorrow I will be spending it cleaning the living room. Unless any of you want to come do it for me? Anyone?

You know that I love doing bible studies. This time I am doing Beth Moore’s Here and Now…There and Then. It is a bible study on Revelations. We are on our sixth week. It is different from her other bible studies. The homework is not as much. The DVD’s sessions are longer though. So far I have enjoyed it and really have understood a little more about Revelations. So glad that I get to meet with the ladies at my church for this study. My sister’s have been going also and my daughter she’s going to the morning sessions.

I have a lot to catch all of you up on. I went to a woman’s blogger/Christian retreat in North Carolina that I want to share with you. I had such a wonderful time and got to meet a lot of new friends. Also enjoyed seeing a couple of old friends too.

Well let me run. I have to figure out what to do for dinner. Something fast but filling. Then I’m off to bible study!

Have a blessed day!


Cindy said...

Too bad we don't live close enough that we could have lunch on Monday's and then our days wouldn't be boring! Miss you!

Mighty M said...

I always put cleaning off until last.....and then only if I'm in the mood. Fortunately I get enough bursts of "cleaning" energy the house doesn't get too unkempt. But it comes close a lot. A skating party sounds super fun!! :)

E said...

Monday's are the worst! I always feel so much pressure when I get to the office

Eva @ Pregnancy Pool said...

Monday's are the worst! I always feel so much pressure when I get to the office

LisaShaw said...

Hey Sweet friend,

I wish you lived closer to me so I could come and help you clean up the living room girl. We all have days like that. I often say that there are TWO rooms you won't find messy in my house and that's the kitchen and bathrooms the rest is fair play (smile).

Happy Birthday to your little Grandson although I'm a little late (smile)!

I'd love to see the photos you have to share!

Thanks Sis for the sweet comment on my blog today. I wish we'd had more time to chat but good thing we have online and Email. We'll catch up with each other and be bestest friends as the young girls say; by the next gIRL.


LisaShaw said...

Oh and I never did her study on Revelation. May have to check that out!! I love Revelations. Didn't early on in my walk with GOD. It used to scare me until I gleaned understanding from the Holy Spirit.

Love ya!

LisaShaw said...

Hey Sweet Sister, came by to see how you're doing?? Hugs!

Marsha said...

Hey Val! So glad to see your face on my blog today. Now I know where your "home" is. I've been praying for you.

scrappysue said...

hi valerie - i received your card today - many thanks! i love your blog header - too cute!