Friday, May 29, 2009

Yesterdays Review

Hello Everyone,

It is a sad thing when I get calls and messages from people telling me that they think another couple are separated.
The same thing happened this time last year to the same couple. But what does it say about that couple, as people, when everyone that has called are acting happy and laughing about it? When people are happy because you are facing misfortune, you have to wonder - what in the world kind of person you are for people to be feeling like that during your time of trial? It's sad.

Yesterday was so busy for me. It started out with a couple of errands. We were having a graduation party at a building that I reserved and I had to give the key to my mother so they could decorate while I was in a meeting.
Very frustrating when trying to get in touch with my mother whose home phone was busy and cell phone went straight to voice mail. I took off from work so that I could get all of my errands ran, meetings met, doctor appointments over before my nieces graduated at 2:30. I finally ran down my nieces and gave them the key. So then I did all of the stuff I had to. I left the doctors office at 1:30 and went to get my daughter and grandson.

The graduation was nice, A LOT of kids. It was also very hot. Everyone in the building was fanning themselves. Then it was long. Not only did they have a lot of kids graduating (I think 179) but they were letting 12 of the honor students speak. Now after the first one it was monotonous. I mean they all said the same thing. They need to leave it to just the salutatorian and the valedictorian. It really wouldn't have been bad if it hadn't been so hot. So when you see people are melting then you need to speed things along!!

After the graduation we went off to the party. It was really nice. My brother's new girlfriend did a great job with the food. Every thing looked and tasted good. We all stuffed ourselves, took pictures and opened presents. A good time for everyone. Since I forgot my camera I don't have any pictures I'll have to post some later from my sisters camera.

Then I had a decision to make. A free trip to Panama City - but I had to make it fast as they were leaving as soon as the party was over. I was very tempted. I really wanted to go. But alas there are responsibilities that have to be met first. I just didn't have the time to get stuff taken care of so that I could go. :(

After the party I did go look at my sisters new home. They are closing on the 12th. It is absolutely beautiful. It is only about 5 minutes from my mom, sister and brother. So now all of my family are living in Hayden but me, my younger sister and my daughter. We all when I was young had lived in Hayden about twice. Once on one end of a renovated school, family friends lived on the other end. They owned the school at that time. The first school Hayden had ever had. It went from 1 - 12. We loved living there. There was a sewing shop in between. lol I think that's when I first learned to sew. Of course we were good friends with the owner and she had all kinds of patterns and material. At that time none of the subdivisions that are there now were there. The road we lived on was a gravel one. It was fun though.

The kids were so excited about their new home. I had Ray with me and they were yelling Ray Ray look. Finally my nephew Steven put his little hands on Rays shoulders and was showing him around the house. They were just too cute. Then he and his sister decided to hold hands with Ray and show him around. This is their conversation when they got to the bathroom.

Steven: (very slowly) Ray-Ray this is our bathhroooommmm
Ray: Bathhhhhh
Steven: (very slowly) Yes, Bath

Ray thinking that he meant it was time for a bath preceeded to try to climb over. lol He has been saying bath for a while now but he lets the 'th' hang for a while lol.

I am so glad that he has cousins both on our side and his father's side in his age group. When my family goes on vacation he always has at least two cousins to play with and when they go on vacation with his father's family he still has at least two cousins to play with. Now that's not counting my cousins grandchildren who are a year ahead of Ray and one a couple of months behind Ray. Let's just say that he won't be lonely while he's on vacation.

Last night I got home late and I was very tired. Today I plan on turning in early. I said I plan on it, whether or not it happens remains to be seen. lol I guess I better get back to work. The boss is cutting out early and I think I will too. lol Until next time

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Valerie you are far too busy!!

12 student speeches?? Oy!

Mighty M said...

What a busy day! I hope you get a ton of rest!!!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Goodness and I thought I was busy, lol But I am trying to get back hahaha

Silver said...

That sounds like a lot to do for one day!

Hope you 'll have a relaxing and blessed Sunday!