Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Work, Family and Halloween

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad it is Wednesday!! I am off half a day tomorrow and I can't wait. I'm not going to be lazy and laying around though. Hubs had cataract surgery on October 29 so tomorrow is his follow up visit and also his 6 month check up to his regular doctor. I guess just a little break from work is good. Then again I am so grateful to even have a job!

One in which I hope to continue to have but need your prayers as there is a certain situation that may not only affect the future of my job but also those of my co-workers throughout the Southeast. With my health problems I know it will be hard finding a job that pays me what I get paid now, on salary, and still be able to take off whenever I need to. I can't disclose the situation yet just know that it really needs your prayers. I hate that I am sounding/feeling selfish worrying about my job when this is really a horrible situation.

Last Friday my brother in law Anthony had to have a couple of tumors (cancerous) removed from his bladder. Now this is his third surgery for this type of operation. The doctor told us that he will just keep getting them. The thing that bothers me is that he is suppose to go back every 3 months and he doesn't always do that. Makes me very irritated at him and a little at my sister too. My hubs has to go back every year to make sure his Kidney cancer isn't back. I make his appointment and make sure he goes. Which by the way my hubs went a couple of weeks ago and he is still cancer free!! Yay!!! Three years now!!! Okay, back to my brother in law, I just feel like that between him and my sister one of them should be able to make sure he has an appointment every three months and goes to it!! I'm just sayin. . .

I hope you all had a great Halloween. My 2 yo grandson was running a fever the day before and as they were getting him dressed to make his rounds (grandparents', aunts, church, etc., etc.) my daughter noticed he was warm again. Well he was running a fever so he didn't get to go out. You know he is so little he really didn't care. lol So they came over the next day with his empty little pumpkin. Made me a little sad that it was empty.

We usually don't get but one or two trick or treaters so I always have a lot of candy left. My little man loves sweet tarts, just like his Paw, so when he came in he went straight to watching cartoons. Got to love Nick Jr.! Anyway, when he did notice the candy he started to pick out, one by one, the little sweet tarts. After a little bit he kinda looked over to see if we were watching him. We were but didn't let him see us. At that point he took my candy bowl and turned it upside down on the floor. He was picking the rest of the sweet tarts out when he glanced up at us and when he thought we weren't looking he started picking up all the candy and dumping it into his little pumpkin. He was just too cute. Acting like we wouldn't notice. At that point though I did jump up and hide my candy corn ;).

Needless to say that after going to my house, his Nana's house, seeing two aunties and then my mother bringing him his candy Monday he had enough candy for a whole class room!!! This is what happens when sucking on a ring pop while it's suppose to be nap time!!

Have a blessed day!



ethelmaepotter! said...

This picture is just too funny!
Congrats on your hubby's continued good health; I'm a kidney cancer survivor, too - 18 months now. Hope brother-in-law Anthony AND your boss have good news very soon.

blueviolet said...

omg, that face is too, too funny from the ring pop.

I love the sneaking of the sweet tarts!

I'm wishing the best of health to your family!

Mighty M said...

That picture is too cute!!!! Poor thing, so tired. ;) Enjoy your time off tomorrow! I too am often bothered by people that don't want to follow up/be more proactive about their medical care. It is so simple and can really help save you! I think people just get too scared and don't want to deal with it. But they should!

Kris said...

That stinks that he didn't get to go out....but he looks like he got enough candy anyway!!

staging professionals Toronto said...

Hi. Good to hear that your brother in law Anthony is all right after the operation. Unfortunately sometimes are these operations not so successful. My brothers wife has problems with cancer also after the operation. Well, we must always hope that it will be better. Btw you have beautiful grandsons.

Take care,

Summer, but I do go by "Mommy" said...

My little man is wonderful! It really sucked that all the medical stuff is hittin us at once like that but we've still blessed and that picture is proof!