Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Award, An Award!!!

Hello Everyone,

I got an awaaarrrddd, I got an awaaarrrdd, I got an awaaarrrdd! Yay! JuMpInG uP aNd DoWn! My blogging buddy Melissa at Little Things in Life has bestowed upon me an AWARD! (in case you didn't understand that in the first sentence).

How exciting!!! My first AWARD!!!

Isn't it beautiful!! So here's what I gotta do.

A. Put the logo on your blog.
B. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
C. Nominate ten other blogs, add links to those blogs, and leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Ok so I am bestowing this award on the following bloggers. Some of their blogs I have been reading for a while, others a short while. I love them all. Pay them a visit and I know you will too.

Janie @ Sounding Forth
Carla @ A Mellow Life Is A Good Life...
Midwest Mommy @ Mommy from the Midwest
Kristen @ La Dolce Vita
Lianne @ Socks are NOT the enemy
Tam @ Yakkiddy Yak Yak
Margaret @ Nanny Goats In Panties
Rachael @ Scientific Nature of the Whammy
Lisa @ A Day In Our Blessed Lives!
Tara @ kidz

Took me forever to finish that. I kept reading their blogs! lol Now I'm off to leave them their comments.

Hey everyone needs to hop over to Georgie's @ Decisionally Challenged it's her birthday and she's trying to get 100 comments today. So go wish her a happy birthday!

Christ is 'The Reason' for the Christ-mas Season!

Have a blessed day!


Megryansmom said...

Today is Georgie's birthday please go wish her a happy one!

tara @ kidz said...

I am totally doing some of the same dances as the little guys are doing on your post! Thank you so much for the award! And also, thank you for supporting my card project. You're a sweetheart!!!

tam said...

Thanks Valerie-you are such a cool blogger buddy! I will get right on bestowing this fine award-YaY!

tam said...

Oh Yea and P.S. Congrats on YOU getting the award too! LOL!
~Tam :D

The Christensen Family said...

Congrads on the award. lol

Carla said...

Hee Hee You Made My Day!!!!!!
Got to work in the yard, AND an Award!!! It IS a wonderful life!!!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Congrats on the bling! Woot!

Midwest Mommy said...

Wow, thanks! I love the running/dancing chicken, it made me giggle!

babbler said...

Hi Valerie, I can't stay long as I have a happy birthday wish to deliver to your buddy! Happy day to you!! Thanks for coming to visit Mr. and Mrs. Slug! I have a concert to play (on vibraphone in the big band tonight) so I will spend more time learning how to bestow blog awards to my friends. I love your upbeat blog! It gives me warm fuzzies.

babbler said...

Hello again, what I meant to say is I gotta practice music for the show, but I will be back! I guess I should preview what I am writing on comments to make sure I am making sense.
Much Love 2U, and a special hello to my dear friend TAM!!(yakkityYakYak)

Anonymous said...


Tiffany said...

Congrats on your award!

Melissa Wertz said...

Congrats girl!!!

Janie said...

Congratulations on your award!!!

And thanks for naming my blog for an awardee! You ROCK! No, I ROCK!
No, you ROCK! No, me!


I got too freakin' into that.

No, You! No, me! No, you! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


I gotta get some sleep.

Lianne said...

Yea! An award! I love awards!

I am flattered--and slightly "big-headed!" Thanks!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Awww, thank you so much for this lovely award - I'm honored! How sweet of you! That banana thing cracked me up! Reminds me of a viral video/song earlier this year..."peanut butter jelly time". Do you know of it?