Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sad Situations

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been feeling well since Sunday evening. However, I was like a lot of you keeping up with Little April Rose's coming into this world. It is sad for me to tell you, if you don't already know, that this seems to have been all a rouse. You can get a detail story at Jennifer's, Raechel's and Angie's blog. I had asked you all to pray for this family on a few occasions, please know that all of our prayers were in good faith. That our intentions were good and that God knows our hearts. It is obvious that this person still needs our prayers as something is definitely going on with her.

Sometimes it is hard to pray for someone you might have ill feelings for. I have had to do this myself in the last year. Now I just pray that they leave me alone lol. But just remember that people like this need more prayer as they are hurting themselves. It is sad.

I am going to ask you to also remember my brother's girlfriend Patty's son Jake. His story is at the end of this post. They were told today that radiation and chemotherapy wouldn't help. That he has 12 - 18 months to live. They have been turned down by St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis. She is leaving for Atlanta to go to yet another doctor. Jake doesn't want his classmates or friends to know. He doesn't want to talk about it at all. This is a lot for a 16 year old to take in. Please pray for them. I know that Patty is really hurting and is doing what every mother would do. Trying to find some kind of help for her only child. An awful situation that no one would want to be faced with.

That's all for now. I am still feeling a little weak and am off to bed once again. I hope you all have a great evening and that you remember these prayer requests. Until next time

Have a blessed day!


Kris said...

Yeah, I just read about that over there...and will do on the prayers...feel better soon!

Mighty M said...

Praying for all! Hope you feel better soon - thanks so much for the gift card, I received it yesterday! ;-)

Sweet Momma said...

I am stunned that someone would pretend to have a sick baby.
Thank you for posting the truth in this matter.
Will pray for her though..sounds like she is wrestling with something!!

Rosie said...

That is terrible! why would they lie like that!? I feel so bad for your brother's girlfriends son. He is so young and probably can't understand why. I have a 15 yr old and I can't imagine going through that. She must keep going and not give up. Doctors are not perfect and make mistakes. There might be something out there that could help. I hope you feel better as well.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon. I'm sorry to hear about this. I'll go over and leave my thoughts. Aloha