Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Oh wow I must apologize! I didn't realize that the last time I posted was on the 17th!!! I am so sorry!! I could have sworn that I have posted since then and I was right. Except for it was in draft!! Of which I haven't finished!!

So I have just been busy living life! I remember when my daughter was young and so involved in so much stuff that I didn't think there was enough hours of the day! After she went to college I had soooo much time on my hands. It took a while to get use to being an empty nester! Then I went back to work and started to get involved in things for ME! Well it wasn't long til I was just as busy and always on the go again! Now that I am also a Grammy I am thinking the same thing - there's not enough hours in the day. I enjoy being busy. But I also like my relaxation time. For me that is watching tv, reading a book, bible study or just praying. These are times that are spent alone - ME time! Well I'm not going into details right now but hubs and I are about to have some life changes that will limit my ME time considerably. Not complaining - just a little timid, worried and concerned - but also a LOT excited!! I'll have to fill you in later.

I am so excited about Easter this weekend! Last year my DD and her hubs were working when my church had their Easter egg hunt so it was just me and Ray. You can see how much fun we had here. Even though we had fun it was hard trying to catch good camera moments with just me. This year my DD is a stay at home mom and she will be joining us along with Bruce. So I am glad that they will be coming along with us. When I first told her about it she kinda thought I just wanted me and Ray to go alone again. But I made sure she knew that I wanted her and Bruce there too! I am old and need the help!! lol

We are also having our annual Easter program on Friday night. I am so excited about it. Last year was spectacular and I have heard this year is even better. I'll be posting pics next week!

I am sad that next Monday will be our last bible study session. I am always sad when they come to an end! My church does one in the Winter and one in the Fall. I usually find another group or do one online in the Summer. I just like to have a study going at all times. It just blesses me and I am always wanting to study His word.

Oh hey if you want to read a really funny post about Communion/Lord's Supper hop over to Fran's blog - Blessed by Him! She had me laughing sooo hard!! I think I first noticed Fran over at the LPM Blog and then we became friends on Twitter and Facebook. She is such a wonderful, Lord loving person! She has the best heart and I am just so blessed to have 'met' her. Oh and so super excited that I will be meeting her IRL in April!!! Yay!!!! Hop over and tell Fran I sent ya!

I am going to close this post with some new pics of my little men! Hope you enjoy them and don't hold back telling me how wonderful they are!!!

Aren't they too cute!! lol Oh and um please excuse the mess on the right. 
I don't pick up til after they leave!

Have a blessed day!



Tammy said...

Life is SO busy for me too. But I don't want to rush myself into the Empty Nest years, yet....only sometimes! :-)

What a couple of cutie pies!!

Ann said...

Soooo adorable they both are!!! How wonderful that life is sooo full that there is not enough time in the day! You are blessed - I just blog when I can ; be it daily r weekly sometimes...I love your blog!

Mighty M said...

Cute pictures! Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend!! :)

blueviolet said...

They're getting so big! I remember when the baby was just born!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Welcome back! No need to apologize! I'm feeling the need to take a short break, too! It's a busy world out there!

P.S. LOVE these pics of your boys! So sweet!

The Blonde Duck said...

Haven't seen you in awhile! Popped in to say hi!

sanjeet said...

What a blessed weekend this is!
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