Friday, July 01, 2011

Hiya Blogging Buddies

I just can't believe I haven't posted since January!! I am so sorry for neglecting my blog. I have had a thousand things to blog about but just haven't sit down to do it. So I am seriously going to try to get back to my bloggy self. I have missed you all so much.

So I wanted to let ya'll know that I finally got to meet someone very special last month. Someone I have loved for 19 years but wasn't able to see or meet. You might remember this post from 2009. Here we are on Memorial Day.

This is my nephew Stephen. He is such a great kid and fit right in, he has always been with us but now he was with us in person. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with him but I am looking forward to the future.

I'm going to be getting this blog up to date and changing it around a little. I added some new pages as you can see at the top but need to update those too. Can't wait to get caught up with ya'll!

Have a blessed day!

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